Decorating Sense….

I enjoy helping people decorate their homes and offices.  I recommend vinyl flooring to a lot of customers, because the products are waterproof, kid proof, and pet proof, and they are beautiful looking products too.  Not only are they amazing products for the home, but the office as well.

Most people think that Vinyl floors come in just a wood look.  The Vinyl floors come in a tile look too.  The tiles are gorgeous.  Some look like marble, stone, and other patterns.  I have put the tile (LVT) in customers kitchens, bathrooms, entrances, family rooms, and more.  The tile can be used in a kitchen, if you want something different from the other rooms, to make it stand out on its own.  You can chose a wood look for your living room, family room, and dining room, and do a tile in the kitchen. The look is amazing!

The Vinyl comes in so many different wood styles, patterns, tones, and colors.  There are your traditional wood looks, country, farm house, contemporary, and the list goes own.  Your home or office can take on whatever look you are going for.  This should be an enjoyable adventure, creating the look that you are going for.  Look at the website for some ideas on vinyl or come into one of our two locations to see the actual products, and let us help you create a beautiful home or office.

Happy Decorating!

SHERRI SCHWARTZ, Interior Designer