Decorating Sense….Recently, I had the pleasure of helping Nancy, a repeat customer from Edison, with decorating her family room with carpeting.  It has been a few years since her last flooring project.  When she came into the store, she knew that she wanted a neutral shade of carpeting, but did not know what beige shade exactly.  Since there are different grades of carpet for different areas, I showed her carpets that would be great for a heavy traffic area, with a slider to the back yard.  I told her to take the samples home, as I always recommend, and see it in her natural lighting.  I then told her I would come out to her home to give her my opinion on the color selection when we go out and measure for the carpeting.  After a day of living with the samples, I went out to Nancy’s house.  I looked at her room, her furniture, her wallpaper, her lighting, and gave her my opinion on a color.  She was thrilled with my selection.  This is just one of the many reasons to shop small.


Decorating Sense….My new friends Ray & Christie from Metuchen just did a beautiful remodeling job to their home.  They wanted my opinion on their new wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpeting.  I went to their home, and made several suggestions.  We visited the job throughout the remodel, and saw each phase as it was being installed by our professional installers.  I was flattered when I received a call from Ray, asking my opinion on which color fence they should select, since he was so happy with the color selection of the new flooring.  It really made me happy to give my input to the outside of the home, as well as the inside of their new home.  I am happy to say that the outside, and inside of their new home looks amazing.  They were so satisfied with the completed job, that they invited us to go and see their home now that they are all moved in.  This is yet another reason to shop small.

Happy Decorating!