Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors – Part 4

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Decorating Sense…Do you need an idea for that sliding glass door?  Why not verticals.  The vinyl S shape has a curve which makes it look more like a drapery on your door.  They are easy to clean.  You can wipe them down with a damp sponge or use a dry dust cloth.  They come in a numerous colors and patterns.  I like the S verticals, because they are beautiful, but also give you the privacy or sunlight that you may want.  I have also installed them on picture windows, and bow windows too.

Verticals come in beautiful fabrics as well.  There are so many patterns and colors to select from.  They are easy to clean and maintain as well.  We have used verticals in home theatre rooms.  They give you the darkness that you need for the theatre room while watching the movie, but you can also have the light that you may want when you are not watching the movie.  Just another helpful decorating hint.

Happy Decorating!