The New Window Treatments – part one

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Decorating Sense….We are all so busy juggling our jobs, families, and our homes that we sometime do not have enough hours in a day.  Why not look for easier ways to decorate your home with beautiful window treatments.

I always want my home to look warm and inviting.  I decided to decorate my windows with window treatments.  I wanted to make my life a little easier, and it is easier to maintain the window treatments.  There are so many styles, textures, and fabrics to chose from.  I am a huge fan of window treatments.  One option is cellular window treatments.  They come in various colors.  The cellular window treatments come in single and double cells.  They come top down, and bottom up.  To give you sunlight or privacy.  What I really like is that they are easy to clean, and add a crip clean look to a room.

Cellulars can be used alone or with a fabric valence, drapes, or curtains.  I used a neutral color, double cell without draperies for a traditional home.  The furniture and the accessories were the focal point.  The cellular window treatments just gave enough of a statement without taking your focus away from the decor of the room.  Just another helpful decorating hint.

Happy Decorating!