Decorating Sense…The look of the new nursery is now neutral tones and shades. There are so many different tones and hues in the beige, brown, and gray family that you can bring in other colors to the room for a dynamic look or a very muted tone.

There are so many different neutral shades in carpeting that you can use for the baby’s room too.  The gray family is the new beige now.  Gray is a neutral tone that can go with so many other colors.  It is a color that will last for years.  When the child changes their theme from the cute little infancy motif to the grade schooler, you can use this color with that theme.

It is like that with window treatments as well.  There are so many different neutral tones in window treatments now.  You may decide to use a neutral cellular shade or a faux wood in the baby’s room.  The window treatments will be able to go with the next stage of the child’s life.  You will be able to once again change the accessories as the child changes their theme. The window treatments are great, because they can be used on their own or with a little valance, or whatever else you decide.

However you decide to decorate your new Nursey, neutrals or not, just enjoy decorating it!

Happy Decorating!