Decorating Sense….I love to decorate and I love to change my decor with the seasons. Everyone loves this time of the year. It is getting colder outside and the leaves are falling. Family and friends start to gather. People start to decorate their homes and offices for the upcoming holidays. It is such a festive time of the year. I have an idea…if you want to add a little change to your home and/or office and want to give it a splash of color, why not make an area rug. You can choose the pattern, the color, and the size. Many times the pre-made area rugs come in patterns and colors that may not suit your style or your color palette. What if you can choose your own color, choose your size, and choose if you want a pattern or not. It sounds like you can get exactly what you want. I have made many different types of area rugs for many different types of themes. The area rug will give a warm look and feeling to the home and/or office. Remember… you can add a rug and change the look of the room. Wouldn’t it be fun to choose what you want your rug to look like, and have it made? Why not see what would look good in your home or office today. HAPPY DECORATING! SHERRI