Decorating Sense….I help people decorate everyday.  I listen to what they like, what they don’t like, and a look that they hope to obtain with my help.

I love helping people decorate their spaces in either their home and/or office.   I urge them to take samples home, not because I like to be Bossy or see how many samples people can carry, but because the lighting is different in your home and/or office.  The tones and hues really should be seen in the environment that you will be having it installed.  This is true no matter if it is for flooring, carpeting, or window treatments.

I recently had new flooring installed in our home (again).  I love to change things in our home.  I think it is very exciting, and something that I love to do.  I made sure that I did what I tell each and every customer everyday….”Take the samples with you.  See them under your light in your home and/or office.”  To my surprise, what I thought I liked in the store, I did not like in my home.  It seemed either the color or the tone was off.  I returned the samples to my store, and more came home.  When I narrowed it down to two samples, I made sure that I looked at them during the daylight and at night, because they look different with and without the sun out.

I am so happy, no I am in love with my new flooring.  It was a perfect decision.  If I did not take the samples home, I might not be so happy with my decision.  I made the perfect decision.  So remember, the next time you make a decision to get new flooring or window treatments, bring the samples home and do your homework.

Happy Decorating!

Sherri Schwartz, Decorator