As a decorator, I like different.  I like the “wow” factor when I see something.  When I see a set of stairs, it is like a blank canvas to me.  What can I do with those stairs?  How can I make that staircase pop?  How can I create a unique look?  This is what goes through my mind.

I am a huge fan of stair runners.  I like to see about two inches of wood on each side of the stairs.  Since stairs and widths come in different sizes, your size many vary for your runner and also the amount of wood you expose.  You can make stairs look modern, traditional, simple, bold, or whatever you choose.  You can put your own decorating skills to your set of stairs.  I love a beautiful traditional look.  It gives the stairs an elegant look.  The bold colors, the different tones in the flowers, and the color hues are amazing.  However, not everyone likes a traditional look.  What about a solid color patterned carpet.  You will get a beautiful pattern in one color.  It is a unique look and you will be the talk of your friends. Or maybe a pin dot carpet.  It is a small pattern, yet simple.  This does not monopolize the stairs.  It enhances the staircase.  Maybe you are a little more daring and would want to do an animal print, which are very popular now.  Another look is a border rug.  Which is a pattern carpet on the inside and solid on the outside or solid on the inside and print on the outside.

Whatever you choose for your stairs, why not make them the focal point and decorate with your own flair and style.  If you do not feel you have the knowledge to do this, have a decorator make suggestions and help you with your staircase project.  It is something that you will look at for many years to come.  You want to make sure that you like how it looks and that it goes with your decor.

Thank you for reading.  From the Decorating Sense Lady: