Decorating Sense:  Now that the weather is starting to get colder, you are probably starting to think about some carpet for those cold floors.  There are so many styles and colors to select from.  For some people it is easy, and for others it is not such an easy decision to make when thinking about new carpeting.

If you need some decorating help, I would suggest bringing in a pillow from your sofa, a pillow case from your bedding, a paint swatch, or even photos to help you select colors.  Bringing in swatches of fabric will help you to selct the correct color tone.  You can use these decorating tips for your home and/or office.  Remember to look at your color selections under your own natural light to help you decide your color.  Sometimes the colors look different in a store, than they do in your home and/or office.  You may always want to look at those colors in day light and in the evening, because they will appear about a half of a shade darker under different lighting.  If you are skeptical about your color selection, ask the expert…I love helping customers with the color and style selections.

Happy Decorating!