Decorating Sense:  Every day I tell people how to clean their carpets and floors.  I tell them the proper way.  This morning I had a situation.  I was getting ready, and I dropped my eyeliner on my beautiful custom made area rug.  I held my breath.  I was hoping when I went to pick up the eyeliner that nothing would be on my beautiful area rug, but that was not the case.  There was eyeliner on my light beige area rug.

I sprung into action.  I got my white wash cloth that I tell everyone to always have on hand.  I wet the wash cloth and added a little bit of clear liquid soap that I wash the dishes with.  I came back with my wash cloth and started to remove the stain.  I was happy that every bit of the stain came out.  I do not have a Magic Wand, but I do have my white wash clothes on hand at all time.  I do what I tell my customers and friends to do.

Happy Decorating!