Decorating Sense….It has been brought to my attention that some people do not know how to figure out the amount of carpeting they would need for their room(s).  It is a little tricky to figure out exactly how much carpet that you would need.

Most carpets come 12 foot in width.  There are exceptions.  Some carpets, not as many as the 12 foot carpets come in 15 foot widths.  They are specially marked on the carpets if they do come in 15 foot widths.  There are even fewer that may come in 13/6 width, but we will save that for another time.

For example, if you have a room that is 12/6 x 18, what size would you order?  You can use a 12 foot carpet and order extra carpet and put a seam in it, because if you tried to put a 12 x 18 carpet in a room that was 12/6 x 18, you would be short of carpet, and would not be able to carpet the entire room.  Or you can take a 15 foot carpet (providing that the style that you selected does come in a 15 foot), and order a 15 x 18.  This would do your room without a seam.  You will have a little extra, but you will not have a seam.  Seams are not a big deal, if they are properly installed by a professional floorcovering mechanic.  Depending how much material is left over, you may be able to carpet a closet, or have a enough for a walk off mat.

Measuring for carpeting is tricky and may take a little practice.  I suggest that you always consult with an experienced individual who knows how to measure, and figure out your rooms for your home and/or office.

Happy Decorating!