Decorating Sense…Some people may not necessarily know what they want when they walk into our store.  They may not know what is available to them, or that certain products are needed for certain areas.

When you enter our store, you are in the hands of the decorating experts.  We will guide you you to the right product for your area.  Not every carpet is meant for every area.  You would not put bedroom carpet iin a family that has a lot of foot traffic.  We will help you with the right products for your area.  Just like not every flooring is meant to go into every room either.  Let the decorating experts, who have been doing this for more than 30 years, help you with your selection.

The decorating experts will help you with your window treatments too.  Do you want light filtering, blackout, cellular, roman, sheerview, wood, faux wood, or many other options.  We can make suggestions for your home, and listen to your needs and wants.

Decorating your home and office is fun.  There is no need to stress or worry.  When you deal with the experts, you will receive the right products for your area.

Happy Decorating!

Sherri Schwartz, Interior Decorator