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Monday, February 23, 2015


Changing Your Family Room For Less

Welcome to Decorating Sense part one.



We are all so tired of the cold and snow. We are all starting to get spring fever, and we want to make changes to our home, but we do not want to spend a fortune doing so. I have a wonderful idea for your family room. Do you want something that is durable, attractive, and inexpensive? Of course you do. Use commercial carpet in your family room and/or basement. They come in attractive colors, prints, and patterns. You just select a theme for your room, and choose a commercial carpet to compliment your theme. Commercial carpet is the least expensive and the most practical. You can install it over a felt padding and your new room could take on whatever theme you choose.



I have used commercial carpeting to compliment nautical themes, race car themes, even gardening theme rooms, and so many more. Get creative, find a theme for your family room/basement and choose your carpet. Soon your guests will be arriving and complimenting your new room

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