Cellular Shades are Cool for the Summer

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When I woke up today, the weatherman advised that it was going to be a very warm July day.  I started to think about my home and how cool and comfortable it felt on this hot day.  It made me start to think about my window treatments and how they keep my home cooler with the heat outside.


I have been decorating homes and offices for over 25 years, and still take classes and seminars on all of the newest and latest products.  I remember going to a course about window treatments.  The class was all about cellular shades.  The instructors told us that the cellular window treatments would keep the house cooler in the summer.  I was very doubtful and had to give them a try for my own home.  I thought they were very attractive looking, and would give a beautiful look to my home.  I am not doubtful any longer.  Not only do cellular shades keep your home cooler in the summer, but they make your windows look beautiful too.  They come in single cell or double cell.  The cellular blinds come in amazing colors and pretty patterns.  They can accent any type of decor.

I enjoy making people happy when they make the right choice for their home or office.  This product will truly make you happy that you selected it for your home and/or office.

That is why we are offerring this very special July Sale: buy four window treatments, get one free. So be sure to mention this blog post when you come visit us in Woodbridge.