Decorating Sense…My passion is helping people to decorate their homes and/or offices.  I find that some people really enjoy decorating their spaces, and others dread doing it.  How would you like it if you had personalized service to make your decorating project easier?

When you shop at the Carpet Maven or CM II that is all you receive…personalized service.  You deal directly with the owners.  We will sit and talk to you, and help you make that decorating decision for your home and/or office.  You are encouraged to borrow samples and to look at them in your home and/or office.  We (the owners) personally come out to your home and/or office to measure each and every job.  We are involved with you every step of the way.  We care about you getting the right product for the right area in your home and office.  We continue to learn about each and every new product that we select for our stores.  When we learn about a new product, we can educate you, the consumer.  We have decades of experience and knowledge to help you make your decorating decisions easier for you.

Even if you are a person who enjoys decorating, it might be nice to get a little help from your friends at the Carpet Maven.  If you do not enjoy decorating, your friends at the Carpet Maven will help you to select the best choices for your home and/or offices.  Make decorating fun, and let us help you with your flooring, carpeting, and window treatment selections.

Happy Decorating!